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Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Bar Catering Service for Your Special Event

Event bartenders bartending at a wedding.

Hosting a special event can be quite overwhelming, especially when you have to cater to a large group of attendees. But do you know what can immediately add a touch of elegance, fun, and entertainment to your event? A bar catering service! Yes, you heard it! A bar catering service can make your event remarkable and unforgettable. It serves as a centerpiece that brings people together and provides an excellent opportunity for socializing. Moreover, the use of mobile bars adds that something special to events that guests will undoubtedly appreciate. If you are considering hiring a bar catering service for your upcoming event and don't know much about it, then don't worry, we've got you covered. In this blog post, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about hiring a bar catering service for your special event.

Mobile bar at a wedding

What is Bar Catering Service?

A bar catering service is a type of event catering service that specializes in providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to guests at your event. From mobile bars to cocktail catering services, they bring all the necessary bar equipment like glasses, ice, bars, and mixers to cater to your guests' needs. Additionally, they offer lounge furniture and other décor items to enhance the bar area's atmosphere.

Different Types of Bar Catering Services

There are different types of bar catering services available, and selecting the most suitable one will depend on your event's theme, budget, and guests' preferences. Here are a few types of bar catering services:

- Bartender Only: Are you working with a venue that already has a bar? This service is perfect for you! The bar caterer provides skilled bartenders to staff your existing bar.

- Introducing the Mobile Bar: the coolest new addition to the event scene. This party on wheels brings your favorite cocktail bar directly to you, no matter where your event is happening. Get ready for a dose of style and charm that will take your event to the next level.

Event Bartender

- Bar Cart: The compact superstar of the event world! Whether you're short on space or hosting an indoor event, this versatile bar will exceed your expectations. Plus, it's the perfect addition to accommodate larger gatherings. Say hello to your new go-to bar for corporate happy hour office events!

- Tap Tucks: These versatile setups come in all shapes and sizes, from converted tear drop campers to horse trailers. Perfect for those on a tighter budget or who prefer a self-serve experience.

Advantages of Hiring a Bar Catering Service

Employing a bar catering service for your event can have several advantages, including:

- An exciting way to serve and entertain your guests.

- Guests have access to high-quality drinks, served efficiently, and enjoyable.

- Professional bartenders with experience and knowledge.

- Attentive and excellent quality service to ensure guest satisfaction.

Hiring the Right Bar Catering Service

Hiring the right bar catering service can make all the difference at your event. Here are some essential factors to consider while hiring a bar catering service:

- Reputation and Experience: Only consider reputable and experienced bar catering services.

- Customization and Flexibility: Good bar catering services will work with you in customizing the bar menu and atmosphere to match your event's theme.

- Communication and Planning: Ensure that the bar catering service communicates well with you and is available to plan and coordinate all bar set-up details beforehand.

- Equipment: Ensure the bar and style of the company meets your bar vision.

Hiring a bar catering service to serve drinks at your event will spice up your event and make it one to remember. With a wide selection of bar catering services available, selecting the best fit for your event is crucial. Consider the bar catering service's reputation, experience, flexibility, communication, planning and budget when making your selection. Use these tips when hiring a bar catering service, and we're sure that your guests will have an excellent time with their drinks. Please contact us today to make your bar vision a reality.

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